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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Baseball is back! What to watch in every Opening Day game

Finally. Opening Day. Better yet, two Opening Days. Sunday gave us some season-starting fun. The Cardinals outlasted the Cubs in a thriller. The Rays ushered in the new campaign by beating the Yankees. The Diamondbacks spoiled Mark Melancon’s Giants debut. And now, we get to

British endurance cyclist Mike Hall killed in road race

Image copyright Gene Kehoe A British cyclist has been killed during a race in Australia, police have confirmed. Mike Hall was competing in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race when he was involved in a collision with a car on Friday. The race began on 18

UFC Bracket – Vote for the Final Four

Everybody knows March is bracket season. And even though all those beautiful diagrams are traditionally reserved for college hoops this time of year, we’re asking fight fans to join in on the fun. The UFC has witnessed thousands of remarkable fights since 1993, but which