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Daily Archives: March 22, 2017

From Taft to Trump: Scouting presidential first pitches

On April 4, 1989, Opening Day at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, Orioles catcher Mickey Tettleton was approached by a member of the Secret Service. “I’ll never forget it,” Tettleton says. “He whispered, ‘The president wants to warm up with you.’ Me, play catch with the

F1: Red Bull’s Christian Horner on tyres, overtaking and shoeys

Red Bull’s Christian Horner explains how the F1 cars are a different beast this season, discusses whether overtaking will be more difficult and reveals what champagne tastes like from a shoe. READ MORE: F1’s champs and chumps – season predictions Australian Grand Prix coverage details

Quiz: Formula 1 driver or movie bad guy?

Shades, intense stares, perfectly clipped stubble – aesthetically at least, F1 drivers and movie bad guys often have a fair amount in common. Can you tell them apart in our quiz? You must have JavaScript enabled for this quiz to show! Source link