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New England Patriots president Jonathan Kraft says quarterback Tom Brady has earned the right to decide when to retire

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — New England Patriots team president Jonathan Kraft said in an interview with that quarterback Tom Brady will be given latitude to decide when he retires.

“I think [he] has earned the right to have that be a decision he makes when he wants to make it,” Kraft told Andrea Kremer, when asked if he could envision a scenario in which he would have to tell Brady it’s time to retire.

Owner Robert Kraft added, “Our intent is we have the best people in their respective positions and we keep them here for a very long time.”

On Super Bowl LII Opening Night, Brady — who has said he hopes to play to his mid-40s — repeated what he’s said in the past: He wouldn’t want to play if he wasn’t helping the team. He also said 2017 was a lot of fun for him.

“I still love playing today,” Brady said.

Brady’s contract extends through the end of the 2019 season. He is on the verge of becoming the oldest non-kicker to play in a Super Bowl when the Patriots face the Eagles on Sunday.

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