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Patriots players and coaches bring families to stadium for Picture Day – New England Patriots Blog

MINNEAPOLIS — The Saturday before the Super Bowl is always one that has included the families of players and coaches taking pictures on the playing field, which serves as a reminder of how their support has helped the team. Along those lines, quarterback Tom Brady shared a memorable picture from US Bank Stadium on Saturday.

Last year, a photo of Brady and his father kissing each cheek of Galynn Brady was an unforgettable image.

In the official pool report from Saturday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said, “The families go through so much. They sacrifice so much for all of us and the time that we spend away and the strain that a season puts on them. So it’s great to have them all here and it’s great to give them an opportunity to be with their sons, daughters, husbands and to bring their family in and take pictures on the field and just kind of enjoy the day. It’s a nice event for everybody — the players and families, and the team picture with the kids. Everybody will look back on this.”

With owners Robert and Jonathan Kraft on hand, there also was a team picture.

As for the rest of Saturday, Belichick said, “This afternoon is a normal Saturday for us. So it would either be traveling if we were on the road, or if we were home, the players would have the afternoon off to relax, get a massage, just catch up on whatever. Then we meet tonight and play tomorrow. We’re on as much of a normal routine as we can be on.”

The Patriots’ picture day leads off the “final walk-through” for Super Bowl LII.

Quote of the week, Part I: “It’s in Minnesota.” — Belichick, when asked what makes this Super Bowl different from his past trips.

Quote of the week, Part II: “Why does everyone want me to retire so bad? I don’t get it.” — Brady, when asked what it means to have the latitude from ownership to decide when to call it a career.

Stat of the week: Brady has played in seven Super Bowls, while the total number of Super Bowl appearances of the entire Eagles roster is seven.

Steratore leads officiating crew: Gene Steratore has been assigned as referee for the game. This is his first Super Bowl and he is working with an “all-star” group of officials from various crews across the NFL.

Michaels, Collinsworth and Tafoya on the call: NBC’s top broadcast team of Al Michaels (play-by-play), Cris Collinsworth (analysis) and Michele Tafoya (sideline) will broadcast the game.

Prediction: When Eagles coach Doug Pederson was asked the best way to disrupt the rhythm of the Patriots’ passing game, he said it starts with the pass rush. The Eagles have a good one and the Patriots’ offensive line will be tested. If the line can hold up, Brady’s deep arsenal of weapons should be able to make plays. So that’s the key for New England: Protection up front. Meanwhile, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is the wild card in the game. If he plays the way he did in the NFC Championship Game, the Eagles could be primed to pull the upset. That’s a significant “if” and with Brady on the other side, I’m going with the “home” team in the road jerseys. Patriots 30, Eagles 17.

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